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Introducing: Finance Angels

The ONLY interim F&I service strictly for RV dealers.


Have a vacancy in your F&I Department or have a manager on vacation?

Can't keep up with your selling season, but don't want to hire another full-time associate?

Do you just need someone to handle a show or to cover the cash sale deliveries and overflow?

Finance Angels has a variety of services to meet those needs!


Trusted Services

Allowing industry experts to provide the necessary assistance to keep your F&I department up and running.


Experienced manager will come on-site and hit the computer keys to give you a flexible solution.


F&I specialist will come to a show venue or off-site location to process your deals.


Web based sessions by the hour to assist your F&I team.

Pricing Guidelines

All travel expenses are paid by dealer and are non-refundable. They include airfare, hotel and rental car.

Customization may affect pricing. Please feel free to call Paris McNamara for more information regarding package customization (407)-708-3484.


  • Structure Deals
  • Hold Reserve
  • Sell Product
  • Complete Paperwork & Packages


  • Process Deals at Show Venue
  • Custom Packages Available


  • Structure Deals
  • Advantage on Approvals
  • Speak to Banks
  • Limitless Possibilities
  • Custom Packages Available